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Saturday, 28 May 2016

Difference between Website Development and Website Design

Gleam Technologies
Website design and website development are two dissimilar features which work in cohesion. Both of these features play important roles in the construction of a website. There can be overlapping between the two elements in terms of skill sets but characteristically they are two totally different but specialized fields that require proper knowledge. Experts from Gleam Technologies say that it is highly important to understand the dissimilarities between website design and website development in order to understand this field properly. Read on to know more:
Web Development:
Web development is also known as the ''back-end'' of the website because it deals with the technical parts of websites. The functionality and the logic part of the website are specifically maintained by the web development professionals. It can be said that all the back end tasks are taken care of by web developers. How the website will function, what will be the navigation like, what will be the user's experience with the website, and many other such similar puzzles get solved by the web developers during the construction of a website. It is an extremely skillful job and demands proficient knowledge of HTML, PHP, ASP, and ASP.NET etc.
The graphic depiction of a website is the duty of a web designer. Their central job is to design an attractive website so that the targeted viewers get hooked on it. Web designers design the entire look of the website and the entire process gets done under their supervision. Their proficiency ranges from color scheme to template design to the layout design of the web pages. A skillful web designer is usually expert at graphic design, flash design as well as animations and makes use of these skills to add to the attractiveness of the website. 

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