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Monday, 14 December 2015

Earn Easy Money with Online and Offline Jobs

Who does not want to earn that extra income in the free time while sitting comfortably on the couch of the house? Well, we all want such convenience which is now even possible to have, courtesy to outsourcing. Outsourcing is the process of obtaining services from an outside supplier with the help of a contract. Online market has tremendously evolved with time which has generated innumerable html typing jobs. These jobs need people who are able to type with frequency and speed.

Html typing jobs are not full time jobs. You do not have to dedicate all of your time but just few hours of your day and you will be able to earn quite a decent amount of money. There are two types of typing jobs. One is online html typing work and the other one is offline html typing work. In online work, you need to have a fast and reliable internet connection otherwise you won’t be able to do your work. Offline html typing job, as the name suggests, does not need you to have an all-time internet connection.

Gleam technologies is a company which offers you both these typing jobs. Not just that but also provides you necessary training and assistance. There are flexible timings to perform the particular job as well.

In online work projects, you receive scanned pages that contain information about several hundred products. You also get access to a webpage which is linked to the database of employer’s website. You just have to fill the form for each product. Each entry lists a new item in the site. The content that needs to be submitted is available to you inside the scanned pages.

For offline work, employers send a single zip file to you which contains scanned or PDF documents. Your task is to type everything from these documents into text files. However, you do need internet connection to download the work-material and to communicate with your employer. Once the material is downloaded, you can do your work without the internet.

So if you also want to earn easy money, then visit the website of Gleam technologies. It is one of the best BPOs in Tamil Nadu which proffers multiple data entry jobs in Neyveli.

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Key Skills by Gleam technologies you must possess to become a data entry operator.

Data entry jobs are those jobs in which assistants store, enter and retrieve the data related to client requirements.  With proper data entry arranging and archiving data will become easy and it won’t create any issue whenever some data would be required instantly. Gleam technology thus mentions the important factors one must have to become a data entry operator.
There are some skills which are mandatory for an operator who is doing data entry.
1.       A person who is getting himself indulged into a data entry job then he must have the capability to use Microsoft, word processor, spreadsheet and must also know about other software which is designed for keeping records. Alongside he must also have considerably god written and communication skills.
2.       Typing speed- there can be no compromise on the typing speed of a person who is planning to work as a data entry operator. Also he must be proficient in using other custom made devices used for feeding data.
3.       Concentration and patience- both concentration and patience are very important for that entry job. As there are numerous tiny little details which he needs to ensure are put to the right portal. Also a person is seated on the same seat for long so he must not lose his patience ad concentration for good results.
Therefore if you are trying to get into a data entry job you must possess these qualities. They are important so that the important data is not lost anyhow. Gleam technologies, Neyveli give the service of data entry jobs. You must give a chance to it, if you think you can fit in the job and do it efficiently. It is one of the best BPO outsourcing services in Tamil Nadu.

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Gleam Technologies provide a platform to develop your skills and make money by offline html typing jobs


Online market is raising high and reaching sky. The truth is not only online but offline market is as active as online these days. Outsourcing has become a casual part of everybody’s life.
Html typing jobs require people who can type with frequency. Because it is a job which is no full time. You don’t have to dedicate full time to it. It is just a medium to add more perks I your basket. Earn by just TYPING.

We all want hikes in our salaries. But it certainly is not possible in a steady company as no increments happen every month. We certainly believe there is no limit to earning more money. So if you feel you are fit to do some extra job then hit the yes button and get to work.

Gleam technologies offer not only just typing job but also postcard filing. They have criterions and positions. Along with that they also assist you with proper training and flexible timings. Not being limited to just increasing your salaries students who possess a player towards typing can also help themselves with these typing jobs. Students, housewives, or even those who are on a break at home can avail and get benefited from these jobs. Everyone can be benefitted. Students can earn their pocket money, house wives can add to the total family income and many more.

Making money by offline html typing jobs will make your profile stronger along with your payment. It will create confidence in you to manage time and multitask which will help you grow better and bets. So don’t think and do t. don’t wait to grow. Let gleam technologies, Neyvelli with their best facilities facilitate you at its best.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Outsourcing services from gleam technologies

Outsourcing services is a new trend in the industry which is extremely helpful and productive. The point nonetheless rises about the quality of the services availed. So if you ever happen to plan to get any service outsource ensure that you get them from a reputed person or a company.
Outsourcing gives the privilege of availing services in less cost and effective work. Outsourcing holds numerous benefits if taken in to consideration.
1. Cost effective
One of the most important aspects is that it is cost efficient. You can have your services at low price also. Secondly you can choose your criterion. Your works when gets outsourced you don’t have to think about any parameters so you can avail services from across the globe at lower price and high quality.
2. Customized service
No need to be in the loop and work accordingly. You think you want to avail one service from one portal and other from somewhere else then fortunately you are nowhere bound. It helps in getting variety and diversity in your work.
3. No building of an office required
You don’t have to stand up a whole building to get your services done. No infrastructure and setting up a whole organization is required. Maybe just a laptop can work wonders for you if you know how to use it efficiently. Get your services done without wasting money on external factors.
4. No hiring
You don’t have to hire employees on any permanent basis or on considerable time even. Just get them for the time being get your work done and you are not entitled to pay them afterwards at all.
Gleam technologies provide the best services to outsource. It guarantees quality product alongside experienced, knowledgeable and competent service providers. It assists you well with the procedure so if you have a company of your own play smart along with hard.

Sunday, 15 February 2015

How Does an Ad Posting Job Company Earn revenue?

About Gleam technologies Adposting

There are thousands of online ad posting job provider companies
 Gleam Technologies Neyveli is a professionally managed ISO: 9001:2008 certified Company.  Gleam Technologies Projects are tailored to suit each Client’s specific requirement and integrated to provide end-to-end solution to all over the world. 
Gleam Technologies adpost

What is Gleam technologies adposting job?

"Ad posting job" is a very popular part time job today. It is simply a free classified ad posting work. It is also known as online copy paste work.  A certain ad mater (with a business title and description) will be provided to you to post on different of free classified sites.

How  Gleam technologies adposting  generates income online.

This is done for companies who need to promote their websites & products/services online. If you know how to surf the internet and copy & paste text matter, then you are eligible for this kind of job. If you are considering working online, taking up gleam technologies ad posting jobs would be a nice idea. You certainly won’t become rich, but all the same, these are reliable and rewarding jobs, with which you can very well make a career out of.
As this type of companies are advertising their own business on thousands of free classified sites. So, they are  getting more customer for that. And getting more customer means more money.

Companies will get huge traffic to their website from those classified sites. So, if their website contain ad network like Adsense, then the companies will earn more online revenue from that. Many companies are generating more than INR 4,00,000/- from Adsense.   

Earn online money by joining the best part time income site at Gleam technologies.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Current Trends in webhosting

Gleam technologies Webhosting
Here are the key hosting trends this year that every website owner must know about,

Gleam technologies: Security Issues

Website hacks are common among sites that use content management systems (CMS) e.g. WordPress, which 61 percent of websites use. Nearly 41 percent of hacked WordPress sites were hacked through a vulnerability in the web host. To be fair, other CMS like Joomla or Drupal are also targets; WordPress just makes for a good target because of its widespread use.

Gleam Technologies webhosting services and security

Since our inception, we have been creating the ideal hosting experience and platform with one common goal: to maintain a reliable service. Based on our historically robust infrastructure, and our high level of customer satisfaction, we are proud to guarantee a quality hosting experience or your money back. Our secure data centers are monitored 24x7. Fully redundant network architecture with no single points of failure. The speed and performance of our network routes: analyzing and optimizing when necessary.

ICANN allowed the creation of new gTLDs

We’re no longer confined to 22 domain extensions. There are now thousands of possible domain name configurations. and this has big repercussions on business and professional branding. As more gTLDs are released throughout 2015 Gleam Technologies Magnificent services allows you to register domains in various TLDs

Gleam Technologies:Emerging All-in-one website publishing and hosting services

Web hosting companies like gleam technologies are introducing all-in-one subscription-based packages that include both their website publishing software and a hosting plan. As businesses and general users become more aware of services like Square space, the more they will see them as a compelling alternative to self-hosted sites, which might be better left to users with more technical knowhow or resources. Gleam Technologies webhosting provides you all in one services.

Reasons to Select Gleam Technologies For Your Website Hosting And Reseller Account

30 days Money Back Guarantee

FREE Private Name Servers

Free Online Site Builder

FREE Domain Registrar Account

FREE Domain Name.


FREE Cpanel,

Cloud hosting

For large companies the cloud will be the only viable solution for containing the enormous amounts of data they have and for providing the computing power they need. A trend of “Cloud migration” can be expected this year. About 63 percent of organizations already use the cloud for their web presence. Business functions such as communication, revenue generation, product development are also finding their way to the cloud. 94 percent of organizations are already running cloud-based applications or are experimenting with it.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Gleam Technologies Neyveli : Help Desk Management System


A help desk management system is a resource intended to provide the customer or end user with information and support related to a company's or institution's products and services. 

Gleam Technologies Neyveli
The purpose of a help desk is usually to troubleshoot problems or provide guidance about products such as computers, electronic equipment, food, apparel, or software. Corporations usually provide help desk support to their customers through various channels such as toll-free numbers, websites, instant messaging, or email.

Advantages :

Its an automated web application with its purpose to serve the industry as a professional association focused on the development of technical support personnel and the sharing of optimal practices.
  • With this Application Main branch comes to know different problems raised at different branches.
  • Organization takes necessary steps to solve this problems.
  • Organization can check the status of a problem at any of its branch.
  • This helps Organization to solves the problem with in a given time frame.
  • Store the complete information about the problem for further reference.
  • They can even trace the complete data of any particular request or problem.
For more Info on Gleam Technologies’ other management systems visit our website

Sunday, 18 January 2015


Which should we use, HTML or XHTML, and why?

First, a bit of history

The history of HTML at W3C starts with HTML 3.2, code named Wilbur, which was followed a few years later by HTML 4.0, then HTML 4.01. HTML 4.01 is the last version of HTML, and is also the final W3C specification to define the semantics of markup. From HTML 3.2 to HTML 4.01, the language has improved a great deal, focusing on such issues as: 
gleam technologies project,gleam technologies neyveli,best bpo in tamilnadu

Separation of presentation from structure
Improved accessibility features
Improve internationalization features
Improved document rendering

XHTML 1.0 was created shortly after HTML 4.01 to help the transition of hypertext to a new generation of mark-up languages for text. XHTML 1.1 is an additional step toward a more flexible version of hypertext with the full benefits of XML architecture and integration of different technologies. Note that XHTML 1.1 has slighly improved the semantics of HTML 4.01 by including the Ruby module, used in particular languages like Japanese scripts (read the Ruby Specification for more information). For practical purposes, the discussion here will focus on HTML 4.01 and XHTML 1.0.

Using the right tool for the job

Is there any advantage to using HTML 4.01 over XHTML 1.0? There is no simple answer and the benefits you will gain are tied to how you’re using the language in a given situation.

Switching from HTML 4.01 to XHTML 1.0 brings almost no direct benefits for the visitors of your Web site; still, there are several good reasons for Web authors to make the switch:
XHTML is easier to maintain
XML syntax rules are far more rigorous than HTML. As a result, XHTML makes authors work more precisely, having to address issues such as:
all elements and attribute names must appear in lower case
all attribute values must be quoted
non-Empty Elements require a closing tag
empty elements are terminated using a space and a trailing slash
no attribute minimization is allowed
in strict XHTML, all inline elements must be contained in a block element
In HTML, case, quotes, termination of many elements and uncontained elements are allowed and commonplace. The margin for errors in HTML is much broader than in XHTML, where the rules are very clear. As a result, XHTML is easier to author and to maintain, since the structure is more apparent and problem syntax is easier to spot.
XHTML is XSL ready
As you are probably aware by now, XHTML 1.0 is the reformulation of HTML 4.01 in XML. Therefore, XHTML documents are hypertext documents and XML documents. A powerful technology has been developed at W3C to manipulate and transform XML documents: the Extensible Style sheet Language Transformations (XSLT). This technology is tremendously useful to create various new resources automatically from an XHTML document. For example
You can create a table of contents for a long document
       Get a quick overview of a page by listing its languages and structural outlines! See                    the Semantics extractor for this page, created by     W3C QA Working Group member Dominique Hazaël-Massieux
You can provide a printable version of your documents by using the XSL-FO features of XSL
You can produce an RSS feed directly from your page, check out the QA RSS feed to see this in action
XHTML is easier to teach and to learn
The syntax rules defined by XML are far more consistent than those found in HTML and therefore easier to explain than the SGML rules on which HTML is based.
XHTML is ready for the future
When the new version of XHTML becomes a recommendation, XHTML 1.0 documents will be easily upgradable to this new version, to allow to take advantages of its exciting new features. It’s likely that an XSLT style sheet will be available by then to help you move your XHTML 1.0 (strict) documents to XHTML 2.0 documents. gleam technologies,

Well okay, so what?

Yes, HTML 4.01 is as valuable as XHTML 1.0 in a daily usage. The syntax proposed by XHTML 1.0 has several important benefits. The weight of these benefits has to be evaluated in the context of your project: Use the right tool for the right job. best bpo in tamilnadu
For a Web designer, starting to use XHTML 1.0 will be helpful in some circumstances and will certainly help you to smoothly negotiate the future. XHTML 1.0 gives a wonderful opportunity to learn about XML languages and their possibilities without having to learn new semantics because you’re working with familiar tags and attributes.

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Online Form Filling: Easy yet profitable job

Online Form Filling Job is one of the easiest and widely available home based jobs one can have today. As the name itself indicates, it is purely filling up the forms online with the data given such as name, address, age, occupation, annual income etc. Online forms can be of different types such as bank application forms, insurance application forms, job forms, mortgage forms, loan forms etc.
The job is very simple. You just need to enter the data carefully without any error. One can easily fill around 50 to 100 forms per day just in 1-2 hours. We, at Gleam Technologies will provide you the job details alongwith the step by step instructions to be followed. You will get the list of online forms and details which you have to input in the forms. Just open each form in the browser or software provided, fill the details correctly and hit the submit button.
You have liberty to fill as many forms as possible in a day and earn accordingly. The best part is that you have your own working time.

Higher the number of forms processed in a day, higher the income per month.

Friday, 9 January 2015

Gleam Technologies’ bespoke BPO Services

GleamTechnologies Neyvelli specializes in offering a wide spectrum of leading edge services to ensure optimal service experience for customers. Customization is the key to create value for the beyond traditional outsourcing that several companies are engaged in. But we believe in not merely serving the clients what they desire but also execute the tasks in the manner they want it to be.
Companies opt for outsourcing with the motive to reduce their in-house work load at a cost that doesn’t overburden them financially. Owing to this, we bring together the best of breed processes, advanced technological expertise and skilled people to provide world-class customer service while simultaneously reducing the associated costs. We aim to deliver services that not just satisfy but create a delightful experience for the customers.
BPO services of Gleam Technologies are tailored to suit each Client’s specific requirement and integrated to provide end-to-end solutions. Our USP lies in the fact that the services rendered by us are measurable in terms of quality, cost, delivery, and innovation. We are firmly and sincerely committed to providing value-packed online and offline services of uncompromising quality to business and individuals.
Here’s a quick glance at our services:

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Gleam Technologies Neyveli makes it possible to earn money from your home

Work From Home Job allow you to be your own boss.You are not restricted to work within a particular time frame. You can choose the hours that are most suitable to you. In fact, you have the flexibility to work as little or as much as you require, depending upon your financial condition. Moreover, you don’t have apply for sick leave or request day-offs, such flexibility allows you to spend more time with friends and family.

Nothing Else Can Help You Earn So Easily And Legitimately

Do you know that about one in five workers worldwide works from home?

People who were often seen as the non-adder to the income (such as homemakers, spouses, retired professionals, students, etc.) are now becoming one of the largest earning sections of the society?

Even those with a regular income are trying newer opportunities for a few hours every week and adding to their whole income.