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Saturday, 2 July 2016

A responsive website for your business

Responsive website design is an easy to understand design that empowers your website to resize or adjust powerfully on whatever gadget it is seen on regardless of the screen size. The scrolling panning is decreased significantly with this procedure. The design enhances conversion rates, boosts user experience and brings better exposure for your site. Gleam Technologies tells you more about this.

Before we go into the purposes behind transforming your site into a responsive one, let us take a look at the insights first.
A recent study has uncovered that mobile shopping has increased immensely.
21% of visitors access mobile by means of their mobiles.
67% of individuals favor a portable benevolent site for doing their online shopping.
With all gizmos becoming smart now, it is the sensible, profitable and practical approach to change your website into a responsive one.

Other than the counts which unquestionably make the picture clear, there are some solid and positive reasons that roll out the improvement a crucial one.

Mobile use has taken a toll – With mobiles being the way individuals transact, communicate, work together, making your website mobile friendly ought to highlight conspicuously in your advertising technique.

User-friendly element – Not being mobile friendly can make your clients return from your site altogether. On the other hand, a responsive website will increase the retention chances.

Increased traffic – Blogs and online networking ideas in your marketing campaign will bring about an expansion in the mobile activity as online networking is more dynamic in the cell phones. An absence of available component can prompt expanded ricochet rates, diminished transformation, and negative criticism.

SEO benevolent – Google has prescribed the responsive design over the mobile templates as the execution rate is better here.

Less loading time – With a responsive website, the time slack between loading on a desktop and a cell phone is diminished incredibly prompting expedient and instant loading which keeps the guests upbeat and increases the conversions and traffic.

With a perfect design, you can achieve simple page access, navigation and access while moving. A quick download time, adaptable similarity, more noteworthy transformation, and better deals is possible. You can even see direct deals from mobile users. Clients can be attracted to the site regardless of the possibility that they are offline. This is due to the responsive design.

Friday, 1 July 2016



Due to the heavy  influence of globalization on economy, many firms are enforced to gain a competitive edge by cutting their costs, optimizing efficiency, and providing great customer service. So how about the idea of doing that in a short duration? If you are seeking a precise solution then outsourcing or offshore development is your success gateway. Many firms give credits to outsourcing software development as it reduces the in-house costs while allowing the companies to concentrate on their core competencies.

In a dynamic technological world, it is improbable that your in-house team will be able to design an entire spectrum of technical software. So it is a admirable decision to outsource a few of your functions while keeping intact your business operations, states an expert from Gleam technologies Neyveli
Gleam Technologies- Outsourcing

1.      Cost Effective

Outsourcing is a major tool which that allows companies  to cut costs while reducing workload on the staff. Outsourced labor may perhaps cost 70% less than the same labor operating in-house in a developing country like India, predominantly for low-level tasks. You don’t have to make any blunt investment, which makes development projects much more striking.

2.       Saves Time

Software development consumes comparatively less time when experts are working on your applications round the clock, so you can launch your product in market more rapidly than your competitors can.

3.       Lack of Internal Experience

When the in-house resources of the company are not sufficient to globalize its trade, Outsourcing software development brings new dimensions to operate a business worldwide. Business applications become more sturdy and systematic delivering excellent performance.

4.       Flexibility

When you contract out, you don't have to shed your precious time recruiting, training, and housing employees for short projects.

5.       Focused Strategy

Outsourcing software development streamlines the overall business processes. It provides a focused approach to gain a competitive advantage in this technology-driven era.

6.       Risk Mitigation
You can tone down risks by appointing an outsourcing firm that promises a high-quality project management system and a tested process for developing applications. 

Reasons why web design is so important

Web design is one of the most valuable aspects you can utilize for your enhancing your business prospects. But you must understand that creating websites isn’t just a service, rather it’s an art. Anybody can create a website nowadays, but how can you be sure that it will look professional and deliver a comprehensible message? It takes experts to design a website that actually looks refined and functional. Gleam TechnologiesNeyveli suggests some reasons why we are keen on web designs—and some of its benefits to your business.

High-quality sites boost customer conversions

If you have a well-made website for your business, you’ll definitely get a hold on more customer conversions. This is because high-quality sites guide customers regarding what they’re supposed to do without disruption or fluff. “Just ensure that your website is easy to navigate and don’t fritter away your customers’ time”, states an expert from best website designing company in Tamil Nadu.

Sites can build your brand

If you have a substandard website, it’s going to hamper your brand image. A poor quality website will push customers away. Conversely, an elite website can help the online visitors connect with your brand. Creative yet simple websites convey the message that your brand is constructive, contemporary, and service-based.

Responsive web designs fetch more customers
Progressively, users are doing businesses on their mobile phones in recent times. If you adapt to responsive web design, your business can take advantage and have a new set of customers. You can drive business towards those people who aren’t always in front of a PC. Using web design efficiently allows you to make the most out of technology and attract as many customers you can.

Appearance and functionality

Artwork is attractive, but is it always functional? Websites can be both, which is one more reason we find them irresistible. Web design is a remarkable combination of logic and creative thought. Practical aesthetics allow websites to change exciting appeal into solid action.

Friday, 24 June 2016

iOS or Android: Which is the Best Platform for Business App Development?

In the technology-dominant scenario, iOS and Android are amid the most overriding mobile platforms driving the Smartphone and tablet market across the globe. Apple, being one of the highly regarded electronic brands has constantly sustained a strong global market share, whereas Android, has emerged as the most extensively used mobile OS at present, and is accessible on devices across diverse price-ranges. However, it has always been a matter of discussion whether iOS or Android is better for a business that requires reaching out to its target audiences through a mobile app. Therefore, Gleam TechnologiesNeyveli evaluated both the iOS and Android platforms, to find out which one is better.


Android, at this time is enjoying the leading platform share globally with a remarkable existence in the developing nations. On the other side, research suggests that iOS is usually used by people in the developed nations, having higher incomes, and more significantly, spend more on phone apps. Therefore, if you are planning to reach out more and more people across the globe, and aim both low-income & high-income groups, you must opt for Android or else you can get your business app developed for the iOS platform.

Revenue Generation

There are two sorts of mobile apps – one that is designed for in-app revenue generation and the others are basically free to use. As Apple users are popular with spending more on apps and in-app purchases, the Android users are not as overgenerous with their spending. Consequently, if you are seeking to launch an app from which you intend to generate revenue, iOS should unquestionably be your platform of choice. In addition, Android holds a higher percentage of free, ad-supported applications and should be focused only if you wish to reach out to a larger audience irrespective of their expenditure pattern.

Cost of development

The expenditure in developing an app is directly proportional to the amount of time it consumes to get the app developed. The longer it stretches, the higher will be the cost of the app. Since Android takes a bit more time in development, the total cost of developing an Android app is a bit higher than what is actually required to get an app developed for iOS. 

Saturday, 28 May 2016

Difference between Website Development and Website Design

Gleam Technologies
Website design and website development are two dissimilar features which work in cohesion. Both of these features play important roles in the construction of a website. There can be overlapping between the two elements in terms of skill sets but characteristically they are two totally different but specialized fields that require proper knowledge. Experts from Gleam Technologies say that it is highly important to understand the dissimilarities between website design and website development in order to understand this field properly. Read on to know more:
Web Development:
Web development is also known as the ''back-end'' of the website because it deals with the technical parts of websites. The functionality and the logic part of the website are specifically maintained by the web development professionals. It can be said that all the back end tasks are taken care of by web developers. How the website will function, what will be the navigation like, what will be the user's experience with the website, and many other such similar puzzles get solved by the web developers during the construction of a website. It is an extremely skillful job and demands proficient knowledge of HTML, PHP, ASP, and ASP.NET etc.
The graphic depiction of a website is the duty of a web designer. Their central job is to design an attractive website so that the targeted viewers get hooked on it. Web designers design the entire look of the website and the entire process gets done under their supervision. Their proficiency ranges from color scheme to template design to the layout design of the web pages. A skillful web designer is usually expert at graphic design, flash design as well as animations and makes use of these skills to add to the attractiveness of the website. 

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Few benefits of outsourcing odd jobs

Gleam Technologies
According to the experts of Gleam Technologies, outsourcing odd jobs is a blessing. There are a number of benefits associated with outsourcing of odd jobs. As soon as people have begun to recognize the benefits attached to this service there has been an incredible upsurge in the demand of this service. A vast number of companies are opting for outsourcing services in order to get their petty jobs done in a perfect way. Keep reading to know top advantages of this service: 
·         Saves time, money and efforts:
This is a true statement that hiring of new staff is an exhausting task and it involves ample of time, money and efforts. All the annoyance and botheration can be escaped by going for the option of outsourcing services as this would save a number of resources that need to be employed in the entire process of hiring and appointing new employees. An enterprise can save a lot of resources and put these assets to execute more productive work and tasks.
·         SkillfulEmployees:
An additional most important advantage of outsourcing is that you can unswerving hire well-organized and brilliant employees that too without going through a lot of exhaustion. It is worth observing that companies that provide outsourcing services are very precise in selecting the contenders for this process. They are very careful while picking the candidates and they select only the most suitable candidates.  
·         Better Output:
We have by now discussed that outsourcing empowers you to hire the most eligible candidates who are accomplished enough to do their job in a suitable way. So taking this point further it can be concluded that hiring proficient and talented workers would spontaneously lead to an improved output of the company in totality. 

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Develop your habits of thinking

According to the experts of GleamTechnologies, creativity and Innovation are two excessively important elements that decide the fate of an organization. If an organization focuses on these two elements then it would definitely climb the ladder of success in a very short span of time. Most of the organizations are always on a lookout for people who have a creative and innovative thought process. Read on to know why:
·         Creative people have an ability to observe and to use all of their senses to perform to the best of their abilities. They keep on thinking of ideas that are unique and innovative. The best part is that these people do not hesitate in implementing these ideas to optimize their result and productivity!
·         Innovation is somehow linked to knowledge. Therefore, people who have innovative way of thinking are highly knowledgeable. Such people are always looking out to expand their knowledge base.
·         Due to constantly using their minds such people develop a habit of thinking in a certain way that always helps them to come up with solutions to their issues and problems as far as their professional lives are concerned !
·         Experts say that innovative and creative people are a valuable asset for an organization because they might come up with unique ideas that would help in enhancing and improving the overall productivity of the organization.
·         Another benefit of hiring such people is that they do not need motivation to work because they are already so charged up and self-motivated that they do not wait to attain motivation and inspiration from external sources. In fact these people inspire and motivate their peers by making the environment very charged up and energetic!


Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Significance of using open source software for your business

There is no doubt in the fact that besides for personal use, computers and computer software are a business necessity as well, especially in this age of technology. Almost all the organizations need computer software in order to execute their work in a proper way. Experts from Gleam Technologies say that different types of software are essential as they help an organization to function at its best.
 However, the selection of computer software depends solely on the nature of business of the company. There are database management computer software, inventory and point of sales computer software, content management systems and several others. Therefore you can choose the one that suits the needs and requirements of your company in the best possible manner. For instance, an information management computer software program such as student records system is a must for every school or university in order to keep track and maintain the records of either past or present students. For a department store, a POS or point of sales system is needed in order to keep track of sales and make every transaction as fast and efficient as possible. While a content management system is a great help for online marketers and webmasters to be able to manage bulk content in the most efficient and easiest way. Apart from the above mentioned software, there are various other types of computer software that play a vital role in every kind of business.
While a few businesses choose to employ professional programmers to create software that is customized to meet the needs and requirements of their business, whereas others find it better to buy ready-made computer software that is sold by a reputable software distributor. You may opt for software that suits the working of your business organization.

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Plan your career in right way

This is a fact that if you want to remain happy and satisfied with your professional life then it is very important to choose the most suitable career option for yourself. This implies that a person must be very alert and sincere towards his career from a very young age. Experts from Gleam Technologies say that a wrong career decision can land you in trouble and you might have to regret later in life.
Getting into a wrong job would not only waste your time and energy to a great extent but it would also force you to feel frustrated with your professional life. After a point the stress would accelerate to such a high level that your personal life would also start getting affected by it. Therefore in order to avoid such a situation you need to take your career seriously. The best thing you can do is to make a career plan and move ahead with it. While making the career plan you must be clear about your interests and expectations from your professional life. Experts suggest that you need to be very clear while formulating a plan because then it would be easy for you to follow it.

Experts say that a lot of people are in a hurry to pick up a job as soon as they finish their education. Most of them do not know what they want in life and this is the reason why they settle for anything and everything that comes in their way. However, if you want to have a fulfilling and satisfying then you need to plan your career. It is true that sometimes you might feel that things are not going as per your plan but even then things would be under your control nonetheless.  

Friday, 11 March 2016

Looking to grow your business, we will help you maintaining your business website

If you have just started-up a business then you must be going through a lot of things and you might often wonder that what you can do to take our business towards the door of success! Well, experts from Gleam Technologies say that the best way to manage a business is to make a website in its name. If a business has a website then it adds onto the credibility factor and provides several other benefits that help the business to grow and prosper to a great extent. Read on to know how a website can help your business:
·         Provides credibility to your business
In this world of digital media, if a particular website is dedicated to your business then it means that people can seek information about your business just by visiting its website. It helps the business to gain certain credibility among the customers because a website is a sure shot certification of the existence of a business or a company.
·         Carves the identity of your business
In today’s world online presence is highly important. Therefore by making a website for your business you help your business to create its individual identity. You need to make the website informative and interesting so that the customers get attracted towards your business. You can take the help of a professional website developer to create an impactful website for your business. In a way you can say that a website helps in the process of brand building.
·         Increases your Market
You must know that online presence helps in increasing your market. With the help of the internet more and more people get to know about your products and services and in this way you get an increased share of market. You can also take the help of various social networking portals to reach out to the maximum number of potential customers.

Thursday, 25 February 2016

How technology is changing the workplace?

This is no hidden fact that technology plays a vital role in the success of almost all the sectors of the business world. The fluctuating face and pace of technology is simultaneously changing the nature of the traditional workplace as well. Experts from GleamTechnologies say that due to the increasing rate of productivity and communication, the workplace is going through a phase of change. The collaborative element of social technology is encouraging people to work together rather than beside one another in the office. Most of the companies and business organizations are now embracing and implementing this kind of strategy and it is proving to be really helpful.
The brief phase of recession has taught the business world to look out for new methods and strategies that can shield it during the time of emergency. Technology in the workplace and its capacity to induce teamwork is one of these novel strategies. The workplace is really progressing through the integration of social technology and business systems. People now work together in teams rather than being in competition with one another and this has become possible only with the help of technology that has been creating this kind of environment in the business world.
It is worth noticing that employees can now get work-related information while traveling, or simply while being away from the office. They can also do their work by sitting at home. This implies that the technology in the workplace has evolved to such an extent that it is allowing people to stay linked to their work even when they are physically not present at their workplace.
The widespread use of Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, LinkedIn, etc. is also playing a huge role in changing the face of the workplace. With the help of these methods of communication and networking, the business organizations can expand their reach and client base.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Advantages of using CMS in web development

CMS or Content Management System is a swift and stress-free way to set up a complex content-focused website. Experts from Gleam Technologies say that this system is exceptionally beneficial for the process of web development as it helps in managing the heavy content and material of complex websites. These systems are developed and designed on modular basis as this allows the web developers to create a graphic template in which they "plug" the content easily. Studies have revealed that in today’s time CMS solutions contribute in arranging and organising the content of almost all the websites, blogs and e-commerce portals. This system is immensely helpful to the web developers and this is the reason why it is gaining huge popularity. Keep reading further to know how CMS is useful:
Though there are numerous advantages of using CMS but the number one reason is to make creating and editing of content a hassle free process. Experts say that the web developers need to focus on the core strength of CMS and it would save them a lot of time and effort.
  • ·         An additional advantage of using CMS is that it is very easy to use and it can prove to be of immense help to you when it comes to create pages and websites. It enables you to choose templates in a very easy manner and this further helps in simplifying your task to a great extent.
  • ·         You also need to know that CMS is also helpful in creating standardized pages. Therefore it ensures that your website looks clean and attractive at the same time. This goes without saying that a well-designed website leaves a good impact on the viewers.
  • ·         A different but remarkable advantage is that many Content Management Systems helps you to optimize the search results of your pages. This is a significant advantage for the people working in the SEO segment of the business world.

Friday, 29 January 2016

Technology's future and it's impact on our lives

Science and Technology has greatly affected humanity over the years. The important and integrated role of innovation has essentially impacted man's lifestyle and has definitely made it easier and better. The power of technology can be seen and felt in almost everything a man living in the 21st century interfaces with throughout the day.
Innovation, has had both positive and negative impacts on humankind up to this point and with new progressions surfacing each day, it is genuinely safe to say that innovation would have a considerably more proclaimed impact on future eras. In the coming few years innovation and technology can make the world a more pleasant and advantageous place to live. Well experts from Gleam Technologies say that in next two decade life would become simpler and more comfortable with the help of advanced technology that would hit us in the coming few years.
Technology and human life can't exist independently because both of them are interdependent. In the absence of technology, human life would become tough and redundant. Similarly, in the absence of human life technology, no matter how advanced, would be left idle. So both these aspects need to co-exist in order to make things more simplified.
Well, it is a fact that we rely upon technology in our everyday life and our needs and requirements for innovation continue to rise. We want the technology to become more advanced so that our lives can become more comfortable and luxurious. The best part is that these expectations can be fulfilled as several scientists and researchers work day and night to take the current technology to the next level. Experts suggest that a lot is going to change in the world of technology in the next two decades and things are going to get much better than they are at the present moment.

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Explain different skills and disciplines in website designing

Website Designing has turned into an important aspect of people’s life. It is difficult to envision the Internet without web sites, animated graphics, and diverse styles of typography, foundation and music. Web outline includes various aptitudes and disciplines in the generation and upkeep of sites. The distinctive regions of web configuration incorporate web graphic design; interface plan; writing, including institutionalized code and exclusive programming. With so much and so forth, gleam technologies provide with major skills requirements required to become a phenomenal website designer.

Skills required

  1. Master responsive
It is very important to understand that a website is a prima face of any work. Thus, it beats a major pressure of being precised and up to the mark. Thus an applicant must understand and inculcate the notion of responsive design when actually trying to build a new website. It is a constant fusion of design and well executed. Know exactly how and where to use your skills according to the size of the screen. Also make sure that you are embedding the major website jewels like I frames and other essential things. Try to be as comfortable with your work as possible, as comfort brings much better results than discomfort.
  1. Demonstrate programmatic thinking on the front-end
One of the greatest points of interest of a more automatic CSS utilizing a CSS pre-processor like Sass or LESS, is you can disguise an originator's premonition into a repeatable example. What used to be a tangled chaos of CSS can now be tremendously sorted out and reusable. Throughout the years and particularly with the advancement of responsive, front-end structural planning has turned into its own particular monster and drawing closer it with a software engineer's mind set can pay off. Then all the more carefully, you decide the better results you'll find regarding viability, versatility and execution.
Thus, if you are planning to design a website then make it after making optimum use of your skills and studies. Gleam technology Neyveli, provides the best training for website designing. Gleam Technologies Neyveli is a professionally managed Government certified Company

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Easy way to earn online from home

These days there are many online jobs that you can do from home. This is a good way of making money while sitting in the comfort of your home. Experts from Gleam Technologies have listed down a few jobs that can be done with a lot of ease. Read on to know more:

·     Get Paid to Read Ads

Advertisement is one of the leading businesses in the world. Various organizations spend thousands to millions of dollars to advertise their products and services. There are number of sites where you can get paid for reading promotions. After making an account, you can login to these sites and tap on the advertisement links. It is an easy job and you can do it as per your convenience.  

·         Online Micro Jobs

Micro jobs simply mean small tasks that take very less time to get completed. There are several small tasks such as sharing a page, writing reviews or rating a product or page, writing an essay or blog, writing a testimonial for a website, etc. You can search about a number of such websites that provide such micro jobs.

·         Online Jobs from Google

Online job offered by Google is one of the best money making alternative on internet. This program is called Google AdSense and it is certainly a good opportunity for you if you want to work from home. A number of people are making money by using this program.

·         Freelancing Jobs

Working as a freelancer means providing your services independently. You can work as a freelance writer, tutor, counsellor, etc.  Though maximum of your customers would be temporary but you can actually make some money out of it. The best part about freelancing jobs is that they provide you the liberty of working on your own terms. In simpler words, if you are a freelancer then you are your own boss!